Coping With Everyday Life


What This Blog is About

This blog is devoted to discussing how to cope with everyday life, and your hosts (see menu listing of your four blog hosts) will post information from the world of psychology, counseling, and education. Our message revolves around three basic themes: First there is acceptance. There are certain basic truths in life that we simply must accept before we can decide how to act. Second is the notion of meeting challenges. Unfortunately, too often we avoid challenges that confront us because it’s the easy thing to do. Successful coping, however, requires us to take a more difficult road and meet life head on. Third, we must learn what things are under our control. We get in all sorts of difficulties when we try to control things we can’t. The truth is there are only two things we can control: Our own thoughts and our own actions.

We invite our readers to join in our discussion and share their own insights. This blog is not an advice column, but a forum in which to share ideas.

If you are interested in pursuing the psychology literature on any topic we cover, feel free to contact us by email at We also encourage you to visit our website ( to learn about our published books on subtle suicide, dysfunctional giver/taker relationships, and research on how psychology applies to everyday life.

3 thoughts on “Coping With Everyday Life”

  1. This blog was a great idea. I love the purpose of this blog, because in my generation, it is hard for people to acccept certain things. We live in a world where people pick and choose what they want to hear or see, instead of facing one’s greatest challenge. My favorite part of this introduction was learning what things are under our control. In my life, I am so quick to be the hero, instead of seeing that certain events are beyond my control and that I cannot save everyone. I believe this blog will help guide the lives of many.


  2. Tyara, a legendary football coach, who understood that you can’t win every game, once said, “Winning isn’t everything. The effort you put forth to try and win is everything.” You’re correct; you can’t save everyone. But the effort you put forth to try is under your control.


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